The Couple


Marc was born January 1977 at St Boniface General Hospital in Winnipeg to Yvonne and Phil. He has one sister, Janine, and one ex-brother-in-law, Mike and 2 nieces, Aryanna and Erica. Marc currently works for a local phone company and also for the 199 St Vital Air Cadet Squadron.

How We Met

We started chatting online through Lavalife. We met in person for the first time in July 2004 at Assiniboine Park right after Adrienne got back from Calgary. She will tell you how stressful her trip was thanks to Rufus (her cat)


Adrienne was born September 1976 at St Boniface General Hospital in Winnipeg to Linda and Louis.

She has two sisters, Angela and Breanne, and 3 brothers-in-law,

Mike, Grant and Josh (ex).


Marc and Adrienne moved in together July 2006 into a duplex in the Fort Rouge area of Winnipeg.

On June 7, 2008, Adrienne and Marc were wed in Winnipeg, MB.

Adrienne and Marc have purchased their first home in St Vital and moved in mid-November 2008